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What’s Included in the Seismic Course?

Upon registering you’ll get immediate access to all 5 of our lectures INCLUDING survey course modules. You’re really getting two courses in one as part of this amazing bundle.

Earthquake Attributes and Seismology

  • Earthquake attributes
  • Earthquake descriptors
  • Continental drift and plate tectonics
  • Seismic waves
  • Measuring earthquake intensity
  • Earthquake probability, frequency, and prediction

Effects of Earthquakes and the Reaction of Structures

  • Earthquake damages and risk
  •  Maximum considered earthquake (MCE)
  • Continental drift and plate tectonics
  • Effective peak ground acceleration
  • Site period/liquefaction
  • Building period
  • Spectral attributes and Seismic Force (Base Shear)
  • Seismic design methods (dynamic vs. static)
  • Multiple DOF systems
  • Response Spectra
  • Ductility
  • Drift
  • P-delta effects
  • Torsional shear stress
  • Overturning moment

Building Codes and Seismic Design Criteria

  • Applicable CA Seismic Codes
  • Earthquake descriptors
  • Load types (wind, snow, seismic, etc)
    i. Risk Categories
    ii. Importance Factor
    iii. Site Class (A-F)
    iv. Seismic Response Coeff (Ss, S1)
    v. Seismic Design Category (A-F)
    vi. Seismic Design Category (A-F)
    vii. Overstrength Factor
  • Structural Systems
  • Regular vs Irregular Structures
  • Building Period (T)
  • Seismic Load Effect (E)
  • Lateral force procedure
  • Distribution of base shear to structure
  • Provisions for non-structural elements

Seismic Structural Design

  • Diaphragm theory and design
  • General structural design
  • Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure (ELF)

Details of Earthquake Resistant Structures

  • Wood Structures
  •  Steel Structures
  • Concrete Structures
  • Tilt-up Structures
  • Special seismic design & systems

Survey Materials

Topographic Surveys

  • Control surveys (purpose and procedures)
  • Route surveys (horizontal and vertical alignment)
  • Topographic surveys (e.g., surface and underground)
  • Leveling Methods (e.g., differential, trigonometric)
  • Horizontal and vertical datums
  • Aerial photogrammetry

Construction Surveys

  • Horizontal and vertical control layout
  • Procedures for establishing points on a line (horizontal and vertical)
  • Procedures for locating a single point
  • Calculating and setting horizontal, slope, and vertical distances
  • Measuring horizontal angles (e.g., azimuths, bearings, backbearings, deflections)
  • Calculating and setting horizontal curves (e.g., radius, curve length, tangent)
  • Calculating and setting vertical curves (e.g., high/low point, intermediate point, rate of grade)
  • Calculating and setting compound and reverse curves
  • The relationship between grade lines and cross-sections
  • Alignment and grade layout (e.g., street and utilities)
  • Determining vertical distances and interference (e.g., plan and profile, cross-sections)
  • Calculating offset distances M. Construction staking procedures (e.g., stationin

Accuracy and Error Analysis

  • Purpose and application of surveying equipment (e.g., total station, level, GPS, EDM)
  • Equipment errors (e.g., temperature and tension corrections)
  • Calculating error analysis (e.g., curvature and refraction, random and systematic errors)
  • Error of closure (e.g., horizontal and vertical)
  • Datum adjustments
  • Map accuracy standards

Preparation of Reports and Maps

  • Creating and checking level notes
  • Calculating areas
  • Calculating volumes (e.g., interpolating cut and fill)
  • Interpolating elevations from topographic data
  • Plotting topographical features from field information (e.g., contour intervals, fixed works, field points)
  • Plotting profiles and cross-sections
  • Map scales
  • Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Community Support

You also receive access to our private community of support where we will answer questions, celebrate your success and help when you need it the most.


As part of the course you’ll receive two 55 question practice exams that are life-like to the real exams. Each exam you take is a 2.5 hr exam that must be passed to be licensed in California. We’ll help you get there.

Practice Problems

The course includes a library of video practice problems with PDF downloads so you can work these on your own and then see how we do it. The secret to passing is practice and these were built to do just that.


We’ll be holding LIVE problem-solving workshops to help answer your questions and cover concepts that students might be struggling with. These are recorded and archived so you can review them any time you’d like.

Recommended Resources


  • Bound up notes from student's study sessions that are valued (maybe notes & problems taken from CEA course study)
  • IBC (latest edition)
  • ASCE-7 (latest edition)
  • California Building Code (latest edition)
  • Any textbook the student is familiar with from school coursework

Other References

  • ATC-20 Procedures for Post-earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings (latest edition)
  • SEAOC Structural/Seismic Design Manual Vol 1 (latest edition)
  • SEAOC Structural/Seismic Design Manual Vol 2 (latest edition)

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Isaac Oakeson is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Utah. He created the Civil Engineering Academy to help other engineers on their journey to become professional engineers. He works for a local utility doing transmission design work, project management, and contracts. His videos and podcasts have helped thousands of engineers and now we want to help you! Let’s ace these exams!

Mark Oakeson

Mark Oakeson is a licensed structural and professional engineer. As a licensed engineer in multiple states, he has the knowledge and experience to help any engineer grasp the concepts taught for the CA seismic and survey exams and is excited to share this knowledge with you so you can ace these exams in proper fashion. Mark manages and engineers multi-million dollar projects for a heavy civil/structural firm.

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